Hinged Wardrobe Doors Melbourne

When it comes to home storage solutions, hinged wardrobe doors are a classic, timeless option. Whether they are glass-hinged wardrobe doors, mirrored or simply wooden, these styles can be seamlessly integrated into your home.

At Flexi Robes, we make quality custom-hinged wardrobe doors that suit your everyday lifestyle needs, no matter what they are. No matter if you only need a small amount of additional storage or you want to have your whole home redone, we’re here to help you along the way. Browse our hinged-door wardrobe designs today and start imagining all of the possibilities!


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If you like keeping things classic, this option is for you. Our classic hinged doors are the perfect storage solution for homeowners who want a traditional, classic look with a timeless appeal.

The design of classic wardrobes embodies an ageless elegance and bring a sophisticated touch to any room. Every piece is meticulously crafted with the finest materials, ensuring they are as durable as they are aesthetically pleasing. Our classic hinged door wardrobes maximise storage space, helping you keep your belongings neatly organised while also saving room.

With Flexi Robes, you’ll receive a custom solution tailored to your needs – whether it’s to subtly augment your existing storage or to completely transform your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

No matter your personal style, we have a hinged door to match. Want a farmhouse theme throughout your home? We have the perfect farmhouse-routed wardrobe doors to suit your space. Or how about keeping the classic Victorian era alive through accents in your wardrobe? We have both Victorian routed and overlay styles to fulfil your vintage dreams.