Sliding Wardrobe Doors - Routed MDF Click Here for Sliding Wardrobe Doors Hinged Wardrobe - Routed MDF Doors Click Here for Hinged Classic Hinged Wardrobe - PolytecDoors Click Here for Hinged Modern Option 3 - Hinged Doors Hinged Wardrobe Doors are available in both modern and classic / period design. Click on the picture below to choose the style that suites your home. Wardrobes Made in Melbourne Custom Made  Walk-in Wardrobes | Flexirobes Wardrobes Melbourne Option 4 - Internals Once you have picked the doors, or if you are happy with your existing doors, it’s now time to pick the internal options. Choose from drawers, hanging rails, shelves etc.  Click Here  Welcome to FlexiRobes ™ - here you can find everything you need to know about our custom made wardrobes. We want you to have an excellent experience and make the right choice for your home. With our custom fitted wardrobes, the finished quality is far superior to a pre made or DIY wardrobe. We don’t make cheap wardrobes, we only use the very best materials to ensure that our quality is built in from the very beginning. We believe that we make quality wardrobes at affordable prices and give real value to our customers. Our consultants specialise in wardrobe design & are happy to help you create the wardrobe you desire. Our installers are extremely experienced and are experts in solving any small problems that may arise. Wardrobe Internals | FlexiRobes Option 2 - Sliding Doors We have many different types of sliding doors and they are the preferred option if space is limited. They can be made in many different materials and suit many price points. How to decide which wardrobe is right for you ? Option 1 - Walk-In The first question when designing your new wardrobe is to decide whether it will it be walk-in or with doors? Routed MDF - Sliding Wardrobe Doors Click here for Walk-In Wardrobes Click Here for Wardrobe Internals Wardrobe Internals | FlexiRobes We offer a free on site quotation service