FlexiRobes 40 sec video        About FlexiRobes Pty Ltd. FlexiRobes was started in 1979 as a home based business and has now grown to our large, modern factory in Campbellfield. This has been achieved by looking after our customers and focusing on providing the best products and service in our industry. We have now been in the wardrobe business for 38 years and have 35 staff. The quality of your installed wardrobe is based on many factors including high quality materials, great design and the skill of the installer. High Quality Materials We only use Polytec board products as they are the only board manufacturer with a team dedicated to the wardrobe industry; we use Blum Hinges from Germany, the acknowledged industry leader, and the entire sliding door system is designed and manufactured in Australia, not a cheap product imported from overseas. We focus on building quality into our wardrobe products and offer a 10 year warranty on materials & workmanship. Great Design Our Wardrobe Designers Alan, Jarrod & Noel have over 30 years experience in our industry. When they come to your home to design your new wardrobe or custom made cabinetry you can be assured they will help you through the design process, ensuring you get the best possible solution. Our Installers Our installers have been in the trade for many years and we believe we have the best installers in the industry. Our installers have an average of 13 years experience each in the industry. With this experience, the team is well equipped to be able to deal with all the challenges that your unique house may present to them. Purpose Built Factory Computer Controlled Routers, Edge Banders and Specialised Tools ensure a high quality product made to exacting standards. Staff We provide a safe work place and role specific training to all our staff. We work together as a team to ensure you get the best customer service and the highest quality wardrobe possible. All our staff are passionate about what we do, and proud to be part of our team. Please see the video below for more information. FlexiRobes 40 sec video