Click Images to Zoom Step 3 - Final Step Click here review the things to do before we visit. Click Me  Wardrobe - Materials Char Oak Drifted Oak Polytec Char Oak | FlexiRobes Polytec Maison Oak | FlexiRobes Maison Oak Polytec Gesso Lini | FlexiRobes Gesso Lini Polytec Drifted Oak | FlexiRobes Polytec Satra Wood | FlexiRobes Satra Wood Ravine Wardrobe Range Bleached Walnut Polytec Bleached Walnut | FlexiRobes Polytec Natural Oak | FlexiRobes Natural Oak Polytec Maroso Milan | FlexiRobes Polytec Soft Walnut | FlexiRobes Soft Walnut Maroso Milan We are proud to offer the Polytec range of board. You can choose any colour for any part of your wardrobe. We have a large range of solid colours and timber finishes. Come in to our showroom or ask one of our design consultants to show you the full range. Polytec Classic White - available in Sheen, Texture, Ashgrain | FlexiRobes Classic White Polytec New Antique White - available in Sheen, Texture, Ashgrain | FlexiRobes New Antique White Polytec Porcelain | FlexiRobes Porcelain Melamine Wardrobe Range Polytec’s WARDROBE range come in a variety of styles and finishes. Our wardrobe designers can show you a sample when they come to your home. Click Images to Zoom Or - Pick Internals Click here to add Shelves, Drawers etc. Click Me  Ask one of our design consultants to show you the full colour range. Polytec Marni Lini | FlexiRobes Marni Lini Polytec Rocco Lini | FlexiRobes Rocco Lini Polytec Truffle Lini | FlexiRobes Truffle Lini Polytec Stone Grey | FlexiRobes Stone Grey Polytec Shannon Oak | FlexiRobes Shannon Oak Tessuto Milan Sepia Oak Polytec Tessuto Milan | FlexiRobes Polytec Cafe Oak | FlexiRobes Cafe Oak Polytec Sepia Oak | FlexiRobes Polytec Black Wenge | FlexiRobes Black Wenge