Wardrobe Internal with 6 Drawers | FlexiRobes Wardrobe Internals - Customer Photos Step 2 Now pick any other Internal Options you would like.  Click Me  Below are some photos of Wardrobe Internals that we have previously installed. Wardrobe Internal | FlexiRobes Shelves can easily be added as in the photos above. Here you can see 3 drawers and 2 shelves. In the image above you can see we have 2 shoe shelves, with 3 drawers above and then 2 adjustable shelves above that. On the right are double hanging rails Wardrobe Internal with Mountain Pepper Drawers | FlexiRobes Here you can see double hanging rails, 3 shelves and 6 drawers, a very efficient use of space In the photo above you can see one adjustable shelf with room for more. The drawers above have mountain pepper fascias and a single hanging rail above.