Classic Hinged Doors German Made Soft Close Hettich Hinges for Wardrobes We only use Hettich Hinges (opens in new window) that are made in Germany and are renowned for quality and reliability. We now have Soft Close Hinges as Standard with all our hinged robes. Previously an option for an extra cost, we have made them standard on all our robes. This is part of our ongoing program to provide the best quality product at the best price. In over 10 years we have never been required to service or replace a Hettich hinge. Upgrade Options: 165 degree opening hinges CLICK PHOTO To ENLARGE Step 2 Now choose the routing PATTERNS you would like we have 15 standard patterns Click Me  Step 1 Click here to get some ideas by looking at some previous customer photos. Click Me  Step 3 Now choose the routing PROFILES you would like we have 4 standard profiles Click Me   Step 4 - Final Step Click here review the things to do before we visit. Click Me  Hinged Classic - These doors are mainly designed for period homes - Victorian & Federation, but can also be made for Contemporary houses. We manufacture these doors out of MDF on our computer controlled router. This ensures we get exact sizes and perfect patterns. These doors come unpainted, see Step 1 for pictures of the doors before they are painted. We can recommend a painter in your area and they can match the colour  scheme in your home. DOORS OPEN Right Hand Side - 4 Drawer unit with adjustable shelves above. Although usually 2000mm high, can be manufactured to any height. Chrome finish hanging rail with shelf above and shoe shelf below. Tie rack fixed to right hand door Left Side - we have accommodated the internal column into the design and added a double hang rail to maximize the usable space. We are often required to build around obstacles such as heating ducts. We have included a dress mirror on the left hand door DOORS CLOSED 24 mm Victorian Box Overlay  Doors  (J pattern - 32 mm Gold Knob Includes - Large Scotia Moulding - sits on top of wardrobe (Often used to complement the architraves in your house) Roll Mouse Over to Open Doors 165 degree hinge. This is an upgrade option when you need more clearance or have a dress mirror on the back of the door. FlexiRobes -standard hinge with a soft close adapter FlexiRobes -standard hinge without the soft close adapter Photo Above Left: This is our standard hinge with a soft close adapter. Photo Above Right: The same hinge with the adapter removed. They just click on and off. These are for 24 mm Doors. We will install one soft close adapter on the top and bottom hinge. Photo Right: 165 degree hinge. This is an upgrade option when you need more clearance or have a dress mirror on the back of the door. Photo Above: Our Standard Soft Close Hinge for 16 mm Doors You will receive this or our standard hinge with a soft close adapter - see twin photos below.